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Sew Holy Designs enables you to design Chasubles, Copes, Stoles, Altar Linens and Paraments with embroidery that address the individual culture of you or your parish. As a St. Patrick's parish can relate to a Celtic Cross on a chasuble or a Mexican congregation to Our Lady of Guadalupe embroidered on a frontal, you can add that same dimension to your religious celebrations and coordinate the vestemnts and linens.

With our tools and, if asked, our help, you can design liturgical vestments and altar paraments specific to you or your parish. We differ from catalog companies in that we are not in the mass production business offering limited choices. Each garment is individually designed by you and crafted to your unique needs. If your embroidery design or logo is not in our library, we can create it.

Our pricing is what makes Sew Holy Designs truly remarkable. Our prices are much lower than those found in church catalogs. We also put our emphasis on embroidery art rather than expensive fabrics.

Sew Holy Designs is the ideal gift for a priest's anniversary, a graduating seminarian or a new parish or school. It is a gift that will keep its significance for years to come.
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