Sew Holy Designs has supplied customized vestments and paraments to Mississippi parishes and to the Diocese of Jackson, MS for over 25 years. By having our customers design their vestments and altar linens, our products become more relevant to the priest and the parish, enriching the religious experience.

Sew Holy Designs differs from catalog houses in that we make our products specifically to fit your needs. While our embroidery library is expansive, we have the capacity of using any artwork supplied by you.

Sew Holy Designs prices are substantially lower (35% - 50%) that cataolg houses because:
     1. We avoid the expense of printing and mailing catalogs.
     2. We eliminate the commissions and overhead of a sales force.
     3. We do not have to support the costs of operating a warehouse.

Our products make excellent gifts for:
     1. Graduating seminarians.
     2. Newly constructed or remodelled churches.
     3. Parish and priest anniversaries.
     4. Special occasions.

We have an excellent performance record in accurately predicting ship dates prior to orders being placed. Please visit our web site at to place your orders.